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Join the reservation list for this litter! 

We will take reservations and contact you in the order received when it is time to choose your puppy! Please note, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required to be added to the waitlist.  

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Lawn Strip

April 6th Litter Reservation List:


  1.  Cooper Family  

  2. Rodgers 

  3. Drown Family

  4. Galloway Family

  5. Spellman Famlly

  6. Tominaga Family

  7. Fullmer Family

  8. Evans Family

  9. Tuituu/Mirkiewicz Family



 We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the Gem State Porties family! Meet the adorable brown and white girl puppy, with a cute,  wavy coat that will make your heart melt.




Brewer is an adorable brown and white boy who loves to explore and play.  As experienced and professional breeders, we are proud to offer puppies that are well-socialized and lovingly cared for. Come meet Brewer and see for yourself why he is so special!




Griffin is a beautiful brown and white puppy with a curly coat. He is a mellow and snuggly boy who loves to be close to his humans. Our puppies are part of our family and we take pride in breeding healthy and happy dogs. Griffin will be up-to-date on all his vaccines when he goes home and will be ready to be your loyal companion.




Looking for a new furry family member who is playful, energetic, and oh-so-cute? Meet Lucky, the brown and white puppy. She loves to play, run around, and make new friends. She is one of our favorites and we know you'll love her too!




Freddie is a brown and white female puppy with a sweet and lively personality. Her curly coat is as gorgeous as her spirit. She is always ready for an adventure and loves to spend time with her loved ones. Get ready for endless cuddles and fun with this playful fur ball.




Looking for a new furry friend who will make your heart skip a beat? Look no further than Chukkar. This adorable black and white curly boy has a lovable personality and an affectionate nature. He loves to be around people and has been bred and raised with tender care. Bring home your new best friend and enjoy a lifetime of unforgettable moments together.




Sunny is the pup you’ve been dreaming of! With her adorable markings and sweet personality, she’s the perfect addition to any loving home. This brown and white female has all the traits you want in a furry companion. We’re committed to breeding only the healthiest and happiest puppies, and Sunny is no exception. Don’t wait, contact us today and make her yours!




Sweet Kemper is a mellow boy that has our hearts! He is snuggly, mellow and loves belly scratches already! He is built a little more like mom, a smaller size but with a big personality! 




Kepros is a sweetie and is already starting to play and wrestle with her siblings! She loves to be held and look at those eyes!!! What a doll! 




Brixton joined our family as a companion for Lucy. She is from the rolling plains and farmlands nestled in rural midwest farmlands. She comes from an AKC line of breeders where they run free in the fields and play in the lake. Brixton is energetic, faithful and the most athletic of all the dogs.




When we found out that a family, a lot like ours, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming had a litter we couldn't help but fall in love with Maverick  His mom and dad are both from AKC lines and registered with UKC of America. Mav is loving, happy and uber loyal.

Lucy Love

Founder & CEO

The Original. Lucy hails from Flagstaff, Arizona and is a fun, playful and chill companion. She loves running on trails, playing in the snow and playing in the water. Always affectionate and loyal she was the start of our love affair with PWD's.


The people

Se, Jay, Cas, J, Cade

We're the people who live with and love these pups.  Lovers of all things outdoors, trails, trees, bikes and boards are our passion and our dogs go out on many of these adventures. We are native to Arizona and lived most of our lives in Flagstaff the high country of Northern Arizona. We currently live in Boise, Idaho. 

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